PHASE ME offers a variety of preconference activities on 9 and/or 10 October prior to the main conference. Some of these pre-conference activities provide you with certification, so this is the perfect opportunity for you to develop your skill set and to enhance your resume.

This course is designed to introduce physical education and sports teachers to the fundamental concepts and training principles of parkour for use in a managed school setting.

Completion of this course certifies a physical education teacher to incorporate elements of parkour training into a rounded and regular physical education curriculum as part of the Parkour For Schools Programme.

In this full day pre-con, participants will be guided through the process of creating a comprehensive, skills-based Health & Wellness curriculum that can be applicable for grades K-12 and adapted to align with any set of standards or curricular framework. Participants will leave with ready to use resources, projects and unit plans, as well as proactive solutions

Looking to introduce some new ideas to uplift and re-energise your Gymnastics’ lessons? Would you like to be able to break Gymnastics skills down into bite size activities to make them easier or harder to achieve based on the competency levels of your gymnasts? Need to challenge your pupils, but are unsure of the technical teaching points? Well, look no further. Our goal is for you to walk away at the end of the workshop with only one question – which skill will you teach first?

In this full day pre-conference session, participants will be introduced to key ideas of the Meaningful Physical Education (MPE) approach in the morning, then use their learning as a springboard to dive into reflective practice and practitioner research in the afternoon. MPE embraces the ways physical education can improve the quality of life for young people by finding joy in movement.

Soccer in international schools looks very different from soccer played in academies, clubs, or any organized institution outside the school program. The main reason why it is so different is because students are frequently moving from country to country or school to school, and so lack consistent training and correct progressions, which translates into accumulated gaps in their learning over a period of time. Academic pressure in some geographical areas also hinders the appropriate development of every student in the area of sports, and it can impact students’ active lifestyle in both the short term and longer term. The truth is that coaches and teachers can make all the difference in this fluid situation.