Globalisation and the commodification of sport as a product and as a business begs the question – is sport in contemporary society as significant as it has been for previous generations? A functional response sees claims that of course, “sport builds character”, “playing sport is good for our health”, or “sport builds team skills”. Many people take a narrow ideological stance claiming that PE should engage children in sporting activities, which in turn will make them fit and healthy. While this is problematic on a number of fronts – for example the limited amount of time allocated to PE in the school curriculum – PE is far more sophisticated than merely a site for physical activity accumulation. While claimed benefits to personal character formation and broader sociological assumptions about sport’s contributions are emotively appealing and often promoted through media and popular culture, becoming part of our culture vocabulary, the statements rarely hold up to critical scrutiny.

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Nathan Horne

Team sports have traditionally made up a large part of any physical education program. Sports like basketball, football (soccer, American, Australian, Gaelic), handball, rugby and hockey are favourites in gymnasiums and on fields worldwide. All of these sports fall under the category of Invasion Games, where players try to maintain possession of an object, keeping it away from their opponents to move into a scoring position. Read more

Physical education teachers and sport coaches are challenged with making sport – something that is challenging to master and takes a long time to learn to a degree of competency yet alone mastery, an enjoyable experience so that children, youth and adults are motivated to participate in games and sport as part of their physical activity accumulation. This is the same participatory challenge face by designers of digital games. I therefore argue that digital game designers and physical education teachers and sport coaches as movement and game designers face the same participatory challenge. The continued rise in digital game participation while at the same time we see decreasing participation in active living recreation options leads me to ask – can sport coaches and PE teachers learn from the design principles adopted by digital game developers?

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Previous APPEC keynote Andy Vasily recently recorded a Podcast with Ted & Carolyn Temertzoglou you can check it out now:

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If you attended APPEC 2015 you’ll want all your friends and colleagues at APPEC2016. Save the video below far and wide and, together lets make APPEC 2016 amazing!

APPEC 2016 will take place on 12 & 13 November 2016 at Hong Kong International School. In addition to the main two-day conference, there’s also an exciting range of separately priced pre-conference events taking place on 11 November at various locations around Hong Kong.  Here are some highlights of the event:

  1. Two day tickets AND one day tickets available for the first time this year!
  2. Separately priced selection of pre-conference events available
  3. Pre-Conference includes exciting leadership and one and two day “Leave No Trace” courses at Hong Kong Outward Bound as well as other pre-conferences including various fitness certifications coming soon.
  4. Discounts available for group registration
  5. The conference and pre-conference has been extended to include those involved in student wellness and athletic director’s.

Why not talk to your HOD or PD director today about the professional benefits of attending this exciting conference that focuses on learning!

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This is to confirm your registration for the School & Elite Sports Tour on Friday 13 November 2015.

The tour bus will be departing from the two conference hotels as per the conference schedule.

A few notes for your information:

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Information for Junk Trip Attendees:

We will be departing from Tai Tam Pier, conveniently located right next to the conference venue, and will then cruise around the Island finishing at Central Pier in Victoria Harbour.

A few notes for your information:

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We are just a few days away from the inaugural APPEC 2015 Conference and we are all looking forward to welcoming you to HKIS campus.

Here is important information to help ensure your conference goes smoothly.

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